Financial Models

Fees and Charges Model.  It is increasingly important that an organisation's fees and charges achieve the required cost recovery levels and are justifiable, legally and to the community. Our Fees Model is ideal to calculate and report on the full cost of fee-based services.

Overheads & NCP Model. Allocation of corporate overheads can be a complex and contentious issue. Our Overheads Model provides a robust, flexible and transparent tool to allocate corporate overheads. This enables all parties to be assured of the reasonableness of the overhead charges.

Cost Structure Model. This model calculates an organisation's inflation based on their unique cost structure - eg. labour costs, materials, capital, etc.

Fleet Models. Our Fleet models calculate the fleet and plant hire rates based on the cost structure and utilisation. A Lease versus Purchase evaluation tool is also available.

Water Cross-Subsidy Model. This model is designed to comply with water pricing regulatory requirements. It produces the necessary statement and table for inclusion in the Annual report.

Budgeting Model.   

Rates and Utilities Modelling.   

Cost & Revenue Trend Modelling.  

Custom Models for specific needs.